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Free Beach Wedding

Why Pay When You Can Get a Free Wedding Today?Every woman loves free stuff, and when you’re a bride to be it’s a necessity. There are many ways to score a free wedding, including bridal contests and all inclusive resort weddings; with these you just book your vacation and get your wedding thrown in! One of the best benefits of a free wedding at a resort or on vacation is that you’re not stuck locally, and you’re already on vacation so you don’t have far to go on your honeymoon! Many of the free wedding prizes include an all-inclusive resort package; this means that you get all your meals, accommodations and activities paid for as part of your free wedding. If you buy a resort package, it will also be all-inclusive and most offer free weddings to seal the deal. By taking advantage of special offers, you can get your dream wedding!

Why is a Free Beach Wedding Better than A Traditional Wedding?

If you’re begun planning your wedding, you know how expensive just the ceremony can be. Why pay for your wedding when you can get it bundled with your honeymoon, and enjoy all the benefits that you’d get with a paid wedding locally? Take a break from the ordinary and throw your wedding in an exotic locale!

What Kinds of Free Wedding Contests Are There?

These can fall under “honeymoon” or “bridal” contests and there are a lot of different kinds! Some want you to make a video about why you should win or what you would do with your vacation, wedding or honeymoon. Others are just randomly selected from the entry pool; either way, entering contests and promotions is a great way to score a free wedding without doing a lot of work. Always be sure that you read the instructions and rules before you enter! There can be taxes or fees on your prizes that you might have to pay up front before you get your prize.

What Free Wedding Deals Can You Get?

Free wedding deals, or vacation packages to resort destinations can include a free wedding thrown in with your accommodations and activities. With destinations throughout the Pacific, Mexico and the Caribbean you’re sure to find a place that you’d want to celebrate your special day.

The Easy Way to Get a Free Wedding

You can look for good deals on vacation packages, but this can take a lot of time; the best way to get a great deal and know what your options are is to go with a travel agency who has experience with destination weddings. We can help you plan your wedding no matter what time of year you’re planning to celebrate, where you want your wedding to be, and most importantly what your budget is. Why should you be trapped with a justice of the peace situation when you can have a picturesque dream wedding? To get started check out our No Obligation, No Hassle, Free Consultation or give us a call at (800) 510-5642.



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Wedding Facts

The top 10 destination wedding locations in order of rank:

1. Bahamas, Jamaica, Caribbean, and Dominican Republic
2. Florida
3. Hawaii
4. Las Vegas
5. California
6. Central America or Mexico
7. Miami
8. New York City
9. Colorado
10. Europe

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You provided reservations for 16 for a destination wedding for my son in Punta Cana. Terrie did a wonderful job, answering all our questions, even on her own time at night. We had a fabulous time, and part of it was definitely due to the efficiency of your providers. We will use you in the future; we all felt that we definitely got a bargain with your rates. Thank you.
Lynn L.